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Imagine you're in a car. What's the responsibility of everyone?

Let's see. The driver? Drive! Focus on the road! Don't kill us!

Shotgun? Stay awake! Mad DJ skillz! Navigate so hard!

Backseat? Snack distributor in chief! Remind people in the front seats that bathrooms exist! Nap like a boss!

Okay, now imagine you're in a zombie apocalypse.

End of the Road is about three individuals who must survive a zombie apocalypse. You control all three characters! The driver must not hit an obstacle on the road. The shotgun can play some music to serve as "perks" for the team. And the backseat guy? He's the guy with the gun. Make sure the zombies don't reach the car! All of these tasks must be done simultaneously in order to survive!

Source code: https://github.com/Arham4/end-of-the-road

Install instructions

Run the game from the Game.exe file.


End of the Road.zip 30 MB

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